I am aiming to understand the challenges of my clients just as well as they do.

Based on this attitude I am advising the staff of my clients independent of their role and responsibility in the company: Purchasing, Sale, Marketing, Human Resources, managing directors, supervisory board members and the shareholders


Companies have to adapt themselves constantly to the requirements of the market in order to successfully manage the future changes and challenges; this requires also changes of the portfolio of products and services as well as adaptation of legal structures.

The optimal company structures are being implemented in close contact with the expectations of the shareholders, the management and with specific consideration of fiscal requirements.

My advice is based on the excellent understanding of the commercial targets of my clients which are mostly multinational companies; Accordingly, when rendering my advice I am taking into account the strategic directives and expectations of the international group management to take the right operational and strategic decisions.

A regular contact with the management of my clients helps them to manage their companies avoiding pitfalls and giving sufficient consideration to legal requirements.

Accordingly, my law firm offers consultancy for specific projects just as well as a regular consultant relationship compareable to an external legal department.


As part of the risk management team I am identifying and analyzing commerical and legal risks together with my clients of projects and enterprises.

It is key to recognize and address the chances and risks in time in order to manage an enterprise successfully.
Accordingly it becomes increasingly important to take into account the legal requirements in time to take the right decisions for the company.

My consultancy to clients is benefitting from my long term experiences as company lawyer, part of the risk management organisation and compliance officer.